Eiffel En Eden in time for the Bastille.


Open to plain view but often overlooked Eiffel En Eden, part cafe/ part pâtisserie and deli is a classic example of hidden gem finds. Walking in you are greeted with the sweet aroma of baked pastries, heavenly roasted coffee and oven warmed pies. On the left there is a generous seating area which extends all around to the back of the cafe, the part deli – which offers a range frozen French pastries, pies, cheeses, pate’s, pasta’s and drinks is to your right. The counter boasts a double cabinet – one filled with assorted filled baguette sandwiches while the other of sweet dreamy pastries, tarts and slices. Warmed pies and quiches are also on offer.




I ordered a spicy chai while I waited for the rest of the girls to arrive – spicy, strong with perfectly frothed milk and a generous dusting of cinnamon. Tasted like a cinnamon brioche. The girls arrived and ordered their food: 2 baguettes, one chicken and one smoked salmon, two ecclairs – chocolate and coffee and an almond macaroon which was especially delightful. I ordered an almond croissant, which was oozing with almondy butter and toasted to caramelized perfection. True happiness.

Great place for a casual catch up brunch, they’re open every day – but get in quick – things go in a flash!

985 Mount Eden Road, Three Kings, Auckland

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