Trip to China and back: Yum Cha.

Yum Cha : To drink tea.


Originating from Canton China – Yum Cha was a way of life for many- much like the cafe culture here in NZ. It’s influence has since spread to various other parts of China – each area modifying it to the flavors of that region. Here in New Zealand, where majority of the Chinese population are from the Canton region: Yum Cha has a relatively more traditional or authentic touch – offering a range of traditional dim sums, sweet treats and unique canton delicacies.

There are a few place scattered around Auckland that do a good Yum Cha, China Yum Char Restaurant and Bar on Beach Road is one of my favorites. Everything about China is spot on. Their dishes are not overly greasy, seasoned right, and in my opinion, the most important factor, they offer a good variety.


Some yummy recommendations:
• Prawn and spinach rice wrapping dim sum dumpling (Xia Jiao)
• Juicy pork filled dumpling (Shui Mai)
• Crispy deep fried taro and pork dumpling (Yu tou Jiao)
• Fresh rice noodles filled with shrimp or barbecue pork (Cheong Fan)
• Egg Tart – especially yummy warm – order them especially if you can (as opposed to getting them off the tray) (Dan Tar)
• Steamed Custard Cakes (Nai Huang Bao) – a China Yum Char Specialty

And two for the brave and adventurous:
• Chicken feet cooked with black bean sauce
• Slow cooked Beef Tendons (Jui Jing)




-Posted by E and L –


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