Cafe Milk of Saatchi and Saatchi

My most recent find!

Recently under new management, Cafe Milk is situated inside the historical Saatchi and Saatchi building on Parnell’s Strand. My dad introduced this place to me, he loves it cause its got readily available parking  inside the Satchie and Satchie visitor garage (or along St George bay road) – but I love it cause it makes a darn good cuppa + they their chicken panini’s are to die for.

The cafe is spacious with an over -flowing seating area into the building atrium. There is a wide selection of fresh baking and cabinet food on offer as well as a beautiful chalk board kitchen menu. I recommend the brownie slice, which pairs excellently with an out of this world flat white experience. Their spicy chais and mochas are also pretty mind blowing.


Ideal for business meet ups, this place fills to the brim during lunch hour with office workers from nearby buildings flocking in for a quick nibble and fix. Cafe Milk is the perfect place for a weekday lunch – its even close to uni! Check out their facebook for daily updates on the food selection 🙂

125 Strand Parnell Auckland

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