The grass is always greener.. Next Door



We’re always on the hunt for new Auckland food havens – This week it was Next Door a small quaint little place owned by Bowmans – this little gem has opened for a while and is thriving – their decor is immaculate, natural lighting bouncing off the retro green walls and filling the two room cafe with warmth and allure. Instant love.

Their chalk board menu boasts a wide range of both breakfast and lunch options – starting at $12.50. Coffee options are standard and made to perfection. Their flatwhite was strong, but not bitter in anyway, and clean to finish.

I ordered a spicy chai – I’m pretty convinced I have a winner -I prefer mine spicy (Warms the soul). This chai definitely hit all the right notes. We ordered, 2 soups (of the day) – butternut feta and cumin served with crusty ciabatta and a chicken mozzarella salad.


Food portions were just right. The salad was surprisingly generous with both mozzarella and chicken which was a nice change, the soup was a perfect cumin – feta combination, served with a beautiful crusty ciabatta loaf. I’m such a carb/bread whore lover.

This place won my heart with the Chai alone (can’t stop raving to everyone!), but their warm, perfect for a winters day soup + pretty as a picture retro decor + neighborhoody feel are equally winning. You (really) can’t go wrong with this place.

Next Door (..To Bowmans)
589 Mt Eden Road Mt Eden

P.S: I hear their cinnamon scrolls are sticky and personify yumminess.

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