Treats at Little and Friday – New Market

Inside the delightful little Martha’s, snug and away from the mainstream glare of Broadway and Nuffield is this little gem of a cafe. Serving up the littlest cakes, pastries and yummies. Similar to the parent branch in the Auckland’s North Shore, this New Market branch has quickly become a popular hang out for nearby shoppers.

Deco wise, it’s all kinds of retro cuteness with white tiled counters, old school chairs and two communal tables. Water is served in old milk glass bottles infused with mint and a cinnamon quill. Sugar served inside individualized tea cups, each knife and fork mis-matching, as are the plates all foods are served off. The surrounding Martha’s furnishing give it a bright and interesting touch to the already well harmonized cafe atmosphere.

To say I love this place is well, a bit of an understatement really. I practically plan my life around meeting people there/ finding excuses to eat there… My stand out favorites are:  the lemon coconut cupcake with cream cheese icing and lemon curd topping and their savory brioche, filled with feta, tomato and basil and of course their donuts. Such amazing donuts – filled and oozing out with raspberry coulis and custard. So much custard. I love how the lemon cupcakes are filled with delicate doses of coconut so the resulting cake is moist, fresh but not soapy. The cream cheese icing is just a hint salty which works well with the tangy curd and coconut kick. Their brioche and donuts are made from the same dough, a heavily butter laden dough (butter makes all things better!). The brioche also comes in a chocolate/ cinnamon + walnut variation -the chocolate one opens up to the biggest packet of chocolate – SO MUCH ooeey gooeey happiness.

Their coffees (Flat white) are a wee bit disappointing, as were their chai’s – esp considering I opted for their ‘extra strong’ version. But nothing can deny them the title of the sweetest little cake/ pastry and edible yummies in New Market. I’m happy to go else where for coffee.


5 Responses to “Treats at Little and Friday – New Market”
  1. Oh my goshhhhh I really need to go to this place! Really wanna try the lemon cupcake. And I don’t even usually like lemon flavoured things!

  2. Court says:

    This place is super cute!!

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