La Boulange – mini mini france

Vases filled with dried field flowers. Cursive writing on the windows. Chalk board menus. And a good looking french lad behind the counter. Oh how I love.

La Boulange is a small cafe/ patisserie /mini french deli in Herne Bay, they offer the most delish fresh pastries – both savory and sweet + a small but extensive range of french goodies  (stock range from shaped pastas, ‘french’ waters, pickles, mayo, sauces, vinegar and a small collection of french cook books). If you live on the shore, you can check out their sister branch which is inside the North Shore Department Store.

I picked up a chocolate croissant and a spicy chai, Sarah and Lily picked up a cinnamon twist and a ham and cheese croissant + their coffees. First up, pastry rave – nomnom, it was light, flakey and perfect. It didn’t taste overly oily and flaked with each bite, the chocolate to pastry ratio was also spot on, happy me. Lily’s savory croissants  was made to order as are all their savory sandwiches and rolls. They also offer freshly baked bread ($5-8 per loaf) + filled baguette rolls for immediate/ on the go consumption. Oh and did i mention macaroons. Yes. Those too.


I’m definitely keen to check out the Shore branch — Top shop is conveniently located inside The Department Store too, so it’ll be a double dose of happiness! If you’re in the Herne Bay/ Pons area though, Its definitly worth the hit up  (241 Jervois Road)  Just be sure to get there early for a better selection (aka before 1pm!)


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