Bake Sale and some Pukeko Love

Beautiful beautiful weather today, makes studying for the big -D week (D for death) even less appealing.. Being a Saturday dad and I decided to head to the Parnell markets – the one by the community centre  – for some quick-lunch + bake sale perve. He handed me the cash and told me to go wild.



The stalls were the usal ones, with the addition of Radio Lollipop who were promoting their cause + fundraising for the kids via a bake sale. 3 full tables of home-baked goodies on display – all equally mouth-watering and sinful. It so happens that one of my old highschool class mates was manning the stall – always nice to have a quick catch up – She ushered me to the cupcakes she’d made and packed me a few. OmNom.. No words -They were chocolatey mini-morsels of happiness  A semi sweet chocolate cake, topped with a rich ganache and homestyle decorations. So simple. But I loved. I wanted and I wish I’d brought more.

Next we strolled around the market – I saw some white carrots (not parsnips.. white carrots), striked up convo with a gluten-free activist (who by the way was charming) and tried some free samples of cheese – such good cheese. So anyway – lunch, having walked past the pukeko stall on the way into the market and noted that all but the ciabatta rolls were gone – Dad and I decided to head over to the retail store. Yes they have a retail store. It’s a quaint little place on Ayr Street that looks to be the size of someones garage, it has a chalk board front door and the smallest of small shop front windows, this place is easily overlooked and had it not been for the coffee sign I would have happily walked on. The front door chalk board displayed the day’s oven goodies – ranging from the original sourdough, ciabatta to the more complicated and sweet tooth friendly pastries, brioche breads and tarts. Seating is minimal but avaliable – you have the choice of a large communal table inside or a small sunsoaked bench outside. We brought an apple cinnamon brioche + savory smoked sausage panini. Happiness was ours. The apple cinnamon brioche was packed with spiced apples, and and sprinkled with crumble. Oh crumble. The brioche dough was moist, dense and highly enjoyable. Not overly sweet – which was nice. I shall have to wait till later to review the panini but judging by the way it looked. I say 100% rave worthy.

Now I’m sitting in the university computer labs, sleep from tummy happiness. Lets take a break. Off to check out the Taiwan Food Markets ! EXCITE.

 Heres a photo to tease! More up later! xo


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