Brunching at Domain and Ayr

Nothing like a good Tuesday brunch meet up.

Location of choice: Domain and Ayr

Previously home to the ‘Kokako Cafe’, Domain and Ayr is at the junction of Domain drive and Ayr Street between a hair salon that looks to be never open and Al and Petes take out. Nothing too drastic has changed except that they’ve now shed their vegan/ vegetarian image. They still use Kokako beans and their coffee is still served in the cute green and gold ceramic cups. Their menu has taken a few twists and turns considering their switch to including meat, but all options are still as fresh, organic and top-notch. They’ve even done the extra work as to list their suppliers which is quite love – I think.

I ordered an eggs benedict, with handmade halloumi, fresh spinach and pesto – God bless them. What a mind explosion. Important things first: The eggs, were perfect. both were runny, ooey and gooey and looked rather dashing perched on top of my brioche toast smothered in hollandaise. The creamy saltyness of the halloumi vs the fresh grassy pesto worked well and together with the egg, hollandaise, spinach and brioche was heaven.

For those unaware, Halloumi is a type of cheese from Cyprus, it has an unusually high melting point which means you can grill / fry them without it pooling into soup. When cooked it has a rubbery texture, I would liken them to a good mozzarella. Its a wonderful creamy salty cheese and when grilled, works well in many salads. (You can see it in the picture below, under the egg and smothered in the hollandaise).

D’s Domain Park Breakfast was H to the UGE. Presentation was kind of ‘slap on the plate’ – but in all fairness, big breakfast meals all seem to look like that, its just impossible to nicely present that amount of food on a single plate. It had some beautifully sweet slow roasted tomatoes, New Zealand pork sausages, eggs – done in any way, he chose to have them scrambled, button mushrooms, 7 grain toast and a generous pile of streaky bacon. Yeah. Massive meal.

As far as drinks go, I was quite pleased with my Spicy chai latte. Definitely one of the better few I’ve had. D – wh ois a bit of a coffee junkie/ knowledge bank said the coffee was pretty good – which translates to, very good for normal people :D. After a lengthy chit chat D decided to ordered more (bottomless pitt), settling on the vegan banana loaf – toasted served with soft home made butter. I’ve had bad encounters with vegan baking, so I was skeptical, but he insisted that it was pretty tasty, quite cakey in texture, but good enough to have again. He also ordered another coffee and got my a berry smoothie (made of organic bush honey yogurt, berries, and milk – simple buy delicious) which came in the cutest little jar and straw. Adorable.

Must say, I was kinda pleased with Domain and Ayr – I reckon they’ve done a good job at keeping the good from Kokako and adding a new flare of awesomeness. I plan on trying out their brioche bun burgers next time — or maybe one of their ever changing salads…


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