Spicy Choritzo Pasta

Made dinner last night for the dad and sister. I was kinda late home – due to shopping expeditions so I opted for something simple, quick and fool proof. If I lived by myself, I would honestly make this on a weekly basis, maybe even biweekly during the weekends! I love.

Spicy choritzo sauce on pasta, it doesnt sound like much but boy… chunky pasta sauce with a hefty heaty kick. Super amaze + warming – and ridiculously ridiculously easy to make. Everything was done in less than half an hour – inclusive of the chopping! It also uses ingredients most people have at home/ ingredients you can store for ages and ages and ages… (and so are super as pantry investments :D)

I went a bit nuts with the seasoning — Personally I prefer my savory dishes to be explosive + it’s super cold at the moment with this stupid cold front, I could do with some heat.

The recipe below makes a generous 4 servings:



  • 4 servings of wheat pasta/ any form of pasta will do, I prefer penne for this cause its easier to eat with a fork but we ran out so it was fettuccine.
  • 3 spicy spanish choritzos
  • 2 med onions/ 2 shallots
  • 2 tins of tomatos (preferable the peeled whole roma tomatoes in thickened juice – but diced is also ok)
  • Herbs: I used Oregano mainly but fresh basil works lovely too.
  • Masterfoods Tuscan seasoning
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Fresh ground pepper and salt
  • Olive oil for frying
  1. Cut up everything – split your choritzo in half and slice into half circles and dice your onions/ shallots. Boil some water and get your pasta started.
  2. Add onion to a saucepan, heat through with some olive oil and cook for a few minutes, add in the choritzo and lightly warm through/ colour.
  3. Add the tomatoes – smashing the roma tomatoes in your fist before adding to the saucepan (or you can be more civilized and cut them up before adding.. but what fun is that?)
  4. Add half a cup of water and heat through (you can choose to thicken the sauce by adding pasta water or dissolving some cornstarch into the water before adding to the sauce)
  5. Season with: a heaped teaspoon of tuscan seasoning, 2 generous pinches of oregano.
  6. Add cayenne pepper, salt and fresh black pepper to taste.

Keep the sauce warm until your pasta is ready. Drain when cooked to el dente and serve with a large heaping of the choritzo sauce over the pasta.

3 Responses to “Spicy Choritzo Pasta”
  1. My mouth is watering! Thanks for sharing. Yum!

  2. Kate says:

    Mmmmm very nice. So good to see a blog with ingredient brand names that are familiar to me 🙂

    I make a very similar dish – sometimes I add a dash of cream to the sauce just before serving.

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