Chickpea Hummus – 2 steps, 2 (and a half) dollars.

It all started when I saw a few friends post up pictures of homemade hummus… add to that my current obsession with eating raw carrots + not so happy bank balance.. It only seemed a matter of time before I made my own. I brought my tahini (ground up seasome seeds) from the local fruit and vege store for $9.7o, thats for 600g. I brought my chickpeas from paknsave for just over two bucks and I already had the paprika, garlic, and cayenne at home.

I blizzed up the garlic first – not wanting bite size pieces in my hummus later on, then added in the chickepeas + liquid from the can and a heaped teaspoon of tahini. Blizzed up everything – it took 20 seconds tops. I seasoned with some salt (you’ll need a fair bit, so don’t shy away), some paprika and if you’re after some extra kick, a few pinches of cayenne. For more control with consistency (aka if you like your humus lumpier and drier), blizz up the chickpeas without the liquid then add liquid up to your desired consistency. Chop up some veges and or toast some pita breads and serve as a snack while watching the All Blacks kick butt.



– 400g soaked chickpeas (1can)

– 1 heaped teaspoon of tahini

– 3-4 cloves of garlic

– salt, paprika, and cayenne to taste


Super simple. super tasty and super economical. This one recipe makes 425grams! Definitely a keeper. Going to try make this again with roasted capsicum (soon!!) for some extra happiness.


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