Highlights, Lowlights and Fairy lights at Chancery

Its over. I’ve just endured the craziest, demanding and most sleep deprived week of my life.. Some seriously long  nights just me with my snack bowl(s) and my unhelpful brain – but its over (for now..) ! and its time to talk food, rugby (not that much rugby – mostly just screaming at pretty boy players) and the inching closeness of summer.

I just wrote up a post that I was suppose to write up 2-3 weeks ago, but somehow managed to completely forget… So that’ll be coming up shortly.. + will be checking out the new Art Gallery tomorrow and sampling their new cafe (So flippin excited about this!). But right now its Dinner talk. Last night’s dinner. Dad’s Birthday dinner well, one of them at least…





Taking over the previously snug spot of Alessandro’s Pizza in Chancery – this relatively new but very much welcomed Malaysian cafe/ restaurant has done nothing but satisfy. We took Dad there last night for a quick and cosy birthday dinner before the all important big game. Food was quick to arrive, and the service was spot on. Jeffrey, the owner was a great conversationalist and keen to tell us his wonderful and exciting journeys around Shanghai.

First to come was Mom’s Roti Canai and my Roti Curry Chicken – I rarely order Chicken curry + Roti when I have Malaysian, its normally the Laksa for me, but having heard many great things of their roti, I had to see what all the fuss was about… Lets just say, it’a all well deserved fuss. Made daily, these rotis were flaky on the outside, and chewy and soft on the inside. Tasted like tender love and care. Brilliant. Hands down Carbolicious.

The Laksa (Dad) and Mee goreng (E) were next. We also ordered a few sides which came shortly after – salt and peppered squid and spring rolls. The laksa was a touch cooler than Dad had hoped for, but he said it was great (He’s one fussy laksa lover — and hes not even Malaysian..). E’s Mee goreng noodles were delish, a little too spicy for her palate but she braved it – saying it was well worth the numbed face.

Not being bias here, but my favorite was the Chicken curry, the rotis were the winning factor and the chicken thigh pieces were succulent, tender and bursting with flavor. The curry was definitely strong and more flavorsome than others I’ve had. – more gutsy and 3 dimensional.

The sides were not as well loved, probably because by the time we got to them, they had been sitting for some time – but the presentation was good and the squid was succulent, juicy and very well cooked, a tad on the floury side + it could have done with a touch more seasoning. But the freshness of the produce made it quite forgiving.

All in all. Awesome. Good generous portions, tasty food, amazing home made rotis and awesome top notch service. Definitely somewhere to check out – not to mention, being in Chancery, you get all the atmosphere at a fraction of the wallet damage. Wish I had taken more photos… The food rolled in and the stomach distracted my brain – Even more reason to return!

Check out their facebook page for pictures  (You can even book tables via fb! Cute!)


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