A Zarbo Brunch.

Dad suggested Zarbo brunch this weekend and when do I ever turn down a free food session? We arrived at 11:30 and the place was overflowing with people and the whole atmosphere was on zing! – We ordered two creamy mushrooms for dad and E, I got the eggs bene with field mushrooms and mom, who had conveniently forgotten about brunch and had already had a semi massive breakfast got a quiche and a roasted vege side salad.

Coffee was quick to arrive – but was disappointingly average, which is surprising, as they normally do a great cuppa. The kitchen food arrived a good while later and looked delectable. The eggs on my bene were done to perfection and the hollondaise was tangy and wonderfully creamy. The mushrooms were sweet and so-oo juicy – but just a tad under seasoned (nothing a few grinds of salt and pepper can’t fix!)

The creamy mushroom looked picture perfect, it came with the biggest piece of rye toast I’ve ever seen. It was the size of the plate and piled on top was a colourful mish mash of button mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, spinach and other wonderful things. E said she would have preferred a bit of meat on hers but that the dish was delicious just as it was.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere and service Zarbo had to offer, its a bustling little store with one part deli one part bakery and one part eatery/ cafe. They also offer a high tea and an array of yummy cabinet foods – check them out!


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