A Saturday in Photos

From morning pastries and cupcakes, afternoon taiwanese treats + giapo happiness and scrummy delish time with friends + fam. (-Lyn) Advertisements

Bake Sale and some Pukeko Love

Beautiful beautiful weather today, makes studying for the big -D week (D for death) even less appealing.. Being a Saturday dad and I decided to head to the Parnell markets – the one by the community centre  – for some quick-lunch + bake sale perve. He handed me the cash and told me to go wild. Uh. Unwise. The … Continue reading

Trip to China and back: Yum Cha.

Yum Cha : To drink tea. Originating from Canton China – Yum Cha was a way of life for many- much like the cafe culture here in NZ. It’s influence has since spread to various other parts of China – each area modifying it to the flavors of that region. Here in New Zealand, where … Continue reading