The Scone. But so much Better.

I never use to enjoy scones. They were usually dry, overly sweet and crumbled too easily. That was before I discovered this recipe. I must say though, this is quite a guilt inducing recipe with all that butter and cream it uses, but its worth it. So worth it. These scones are creamy, dreamy light … Continue reading

Guest Blog: My Chicken Pot Pie

Hi there, I’m E. I’ll be regularly / or not so regularly “guest” blogging here on MKB&B. Today I’m sharing with you a snippet from our Dad’s special day. Last Sunday was Fathers day, as tradition goes – we cook. She was on dinner, and I was assigned the dutiful task of preparing lunch. Seeing … Continue reading

The culprit behind of my failed summer diet: The (simple) Chocolate Cupcake Recipe.

Another quick simple fail proof recipe today, with no butter and lots of moist amazing-ness. Originally I wanted to make vanilla cupcakes and color them black in tribute to the big Rugby World Cup 2011 opening, but realized chocolate was prob better – its semi black and way tastier – especially this recipe. I did however add … Continue reading

Chickpea Hummus – 2 steps, 2 (and a half) dollars.

It all started when I saw a few friends post up pictures of homemade hummus… add to that my current obsession with eating raw carrots + not so happy bank balance.. It only seemed a matter of time before I made my own. I brought my tahini (ground up seasome seeds) from the local fruit and vege … Continue reading